We all know the practical use of a regular scarf, but you will for sure welcome this new design, where you can now carry the content of your pockets inside the scarf.
Every scarf contains two pockets, where one of them has a compartment fit for your cell phone and credit cards, which is closed by a zipper. It is a feeling of liberty. Everything you need is at close by hand and tugged away safely. It is still light, comfortable and of course within the elegant design of Cecilie Bernhard. Every scarf is made out of new as well as recycled fabrics and has it´s own story to tell about decadent fashion from the past, brought to new life through Cecilie Bernhard. The used fabrics add bits and pieces of history, outstanding details and uniqueness to your scarf.
Take your time to explore the different designs and details and at some point, you will know which Cecilie Bernhard scarf should be yours.

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How to wear the scarfs.